Lane Changes

Well here is another pet peeve of mine. Lane changing.

It seems people have forgotten how to do that at an intersection.

When one is waiting to make a left hand turn at an intersection, when you turn it is the rule that you turn into the closest lane to you, not go over two or three lanes!!

A person waiting to turn rt on a green light has every right to make the turn into the far right lane just as a person turning left can turn into the far left lane, not expect to go right into the far right lane, thus cutting off the person turning right or crashing into them.

Common sense does not seem to prevail any more on the roads.



Okay another day on the roads and another day  of watching inconsiderate drivers.

I think people have forgotten that signals were put on their car for a reason. How am I supposed to know you were going to turn if you don’t turn on your blinker???

It drives me crazy when people just cut over into the other lane but don’t signal and you are right there in the lane or they turn off but can’t signal, thereby not informing the cars coming the other way what you are doing so they could turn too it they had to.

People need to smarten up. Be considerate of the other drivers on the road. They have places to go too.

The Daily Drive

This is a first post for this blog that I felt I had to get out there.

I have driven for 42 years and have to comment about all the impatient and inconsiderate drivers out there. It is like they have forgotten the rules of the road and everyone wants to get to their destination yesterday.

Every day there is another incident that makes me shake my head and wonder how these people are driving. They cause accidents and are oblivious to others on the road.

An example is as follows

I want to know why people can’t wait behind someone that is waiting to turn and they merge right over into the lane beside them without paying attention. Would it really hurt to wait the 1 minute while the vehicle in front turned.

Let me know if there is anyone else out there who feels the same way.